Kris Aquino’s 180-Degree Turn: From Yellow To Red; Next DSWD Secretary?

CA1C6E64-0F08-4C55-967B-17C8785D07FB.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Kris Aquino couldn’t be yellower than yellow.  She was the poster girl for the political opposition headed by her brother NoyNoy.

Or she was.

Now, Aquino made a 180-degree turn and is now singing praises for President Rodrigo Duterte whom she campaigned against when Mar Roxas was a presidential candidate.

43FBB24C-1395-496D-9016-6D0954357737In a long post on her social media account, Aquino not only said she now understands why Duterte was elected.  She also berated Mar Roxas’s wife, Korina Sanchez who interviewed Kris’ ex-husband James Yap.  Aquino called it a slap on her face.

How the world turns.

Is Duterte ready to nominate Aquino as the next DSWD Secretary?



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