Fishball and Kwekwek Vendors To Boycott All Yellow Rallies

42287F72-FD21-4F33-A3A1-F0A49F402575MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – After yet another disappointing turnout at an anti-Duterte rally in Quezon City last night, the National Association of Fishball and Kwekwek Vendors (NAFKV) has passed a resolution to boycott all Yellow rallies going forward.

The disappointing turnout was in connection with the ‘Press Freedom’ rally held at the Boy Scout Circle along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. It was a protest against the SEC decision to revoke the media license of Rappler after the latter was found to have violated the Constitutional provision on foreign ownership of media.

Estimates put the crowd at a maximum of 300, including the news media, peace-keeping police and the statues of the boy scouts. Oh, and yes, the fishball and kwekwek vendors of course.

A spokesperson for NAFKV told The Adobo Chronicles that what used to be lucrative business for their members during protest rallies has turned into a losing proposition, whenever the rallies were sponsored by the Yellows.

”We have therefore decided to boycott all future Yellow rallies.  No more fishballs or kwekwek.”

Fishballs and kwekwek (fried, breaded quail eggs) are a favorite street food in the Philippines.

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