Senator Hontiveros Files Bill To Protect Human Rights Of President Duterte

Photo credit: Manila Collegian

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – On Human Rights Day last month, thousands of youth across the country led by Anakbayan joined protest actions slamming President Rodrigo Duterte as the “number 1 terrorist” and leading human rights  violator in the country for his triple war against the Filipino people.

Dubbed by Anakbayan as #DuterTerorista, the President was condemned for his “war on drugs”, the “all-out war” on the revolutionary CPP-NPA-NDF, and anti-terror war against the Bangsamoro people that left Marawi City in ruins.

Today, the leading advocate for the human rights of terrorists — Senator Risa Hontiveros — came to the rescue of the President.

“I have always defended the human rights of terrorists, including the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Maute group that attacked Marawi,” Hontiveros said.  “So if Anakbayan is labeling Duterte as a terrorist, then I have no choice but to come to his defense and fight for his human rights.”

Hontiveros’ bill is scheduled for first reading in the Senate next week.


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