Philippines’ Population Declines By 13 Percent!

6813B405-53A5-4FD0-BEA0-C2E8F304DC74MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Latest statistics place the total population of the Philippines at 103 Million.

But thanks to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, the number of Filipinos has declined by 13 percent, to about 90 Million.

The latest stats were confirmed by Amnesty International Philippines through a post on its website.  In that post, it said that 13M people have been killed under the drug war — that 2M more than were killed during the Holocaust.

So that leaves 90M Filipinos still alive and kicking.

One thought on “Philippines’ Population Declines By 13 Percent!”

  1. Is killing people the way of reducing population? Is this a natural way of doing or is there a MORE natural, respectable way?

    Would this mass-killing be acceptable to all humankind in order to decrease the world’s population by weeding out or spraying weed killer substance to all the “weeds” in Life’s Garden (world)? Not likely!!
    – – – –
    Ross Galán, Ph D
    NLP Spiritual Life Coach


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