An Open Letter To Jover Laurio A.K.A. Pinoy Ako Blog

8F6B4B23-4A37-488B-994A-3E25B1BF9086Dear PAB,

You criticized Thinking Pinoy (TP) for his post about the “news” of U.S. President Donald Trump calling Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes a ‘narco,’ saying that R.J. Nieto is spreading ‘fake news.’

Then you try to make your point by posting something fake yourself.

You claimed that TP used as reference a story that appeared in The Adobo Chronicles where we reported that Trump called Trillanes a ‘narco’ and Trillanes called Trump a ‘wacko.’

You brilliantly pointed out that The Adobo Chronicles is a satire site.  You even posted screenshots of our disclaimers and a dictionary definition of ‘satire.’

63FD76BC-CEA3-4903-96AF-80EAA547FCCBWe thank you for promoting The Adobo Chronicles!

But in doing so, you posted wrong information yourself.

TP’s post was not based on The Adobo Chronicles’ story.  In fact, his post preceded our article.

TP’s reference, as he himself posted, was an article in the Philippine Star which the ‘legitimate’ newspaper subsequently deleted — but not after it has already been archived on the Internet.  But of course, we also know that the newspaper cannot delete its printed edition.

You call your screenshots “resibo” or proof of your arguments or comments.

But apparently, your “resibo” was fake.

Perhaps, we need Rappler — recently made a member of the International Fact-check Network — to fact-check your blog.  Wouldn’t that be something?


The Adobo Chronicles


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