The News In Pictures

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There’s so much news but so little time.  So here’s a summary of latest developments in pictures:

Senator Antonio Trillanes has summoned Filipino Olympic Skater Michael Christian Martinez to appear at a Senate hearing. Trillanes wants to know if Martinez has tattoos other than the Olympic logo on his chest.
The entire police force of Caloocan will be replaced by volunteer police from Davao City. The mayor of Caloocan will be replaced by Davao City Mayor Inday Sara.
Chito Gascon and Agnes Callamard have announced their engagement. Human Rights know no borders.
GMA News has admitted that their news story about Senator Trillanes’ Singapore bank account was based on hearsay.

3 thoughts on “The News In Pictures”

  1. Good day!I just want to ask some questions for the webmaster/s of your website.

    As a webmaster, how would you know if the informations from the website are factual? Where do you get the informations you put in your website? Are they all factual?

    That’s all. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thank you webmasters! Again, have a good day. God bless!

    -Roselyn Edejer Yaon

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