Catholic Church Declares Holyday On September 21 In Metro Manila

IMG_4861.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There’s a holiday, then there’s a holyday.

Amid reports that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is mulling the idea of declaring Thursday, September 21 a non-working holiday in government offices and  no classes in all schools in Metro Manila, the Catholic Archdiocese is set to proclaim its own — a holyday.  Both the holiday and the holyday are to commemorate the proclamation of Martial Law by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

The holiday is meant to reduce any inconvenience Metro Manilans might encounter during a planned protest rally by the Liberal Pushers (LP).

The holyday, on the other hand, is to celebrate the courage and heroism of the men and women of the Catholic clergy who stood up against Marcos and who continue to stand up against the administration of Duterte.

As a fitting observance of the special holyday, Church leaders are asking all devout Catholics in Metro Manila to gather in their respective parishes and hold an all-day vigil instead of braving the heat and adverse weather conditions that may prevail during the LP rally at Luneta.

Parish priests are also encouraging the faithful to contribute generously to the first, second and third collections that will be taken up during the all-day vigil at the churches.

So don’t leave home without your cash on Thursday.


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