Transcript Of Senate’s 2018 Budget Hearing For Office Of Vice President Leni Robredo

IMG_3875.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Senate today approved the 2018 budget for the Office of the Vice President, granting Leni Robredo a three percent increase from this year.  The senators gave Robredo a P443 Million budget for next year.

Here’s a transcript of the Senate budget hearing:

Senator: So, Ma’am Leni, you are asking for a P443 Million budget for your office in 2018?

VP: That’s korek

Senator: But with all due respect, Ma’am, you yourself said that the only job of the Vice President is to wait for something to happen to the President.

VP: Yes, I did.

Senator: So why do you even need a single centavo for your office’s budget?

VP: Your honor, I have many foreign travels and speaking engagements scheduled for 2018: Rome, London, Paris, Toronto, Sydney and many more…

Senator: Oh, okay.  Mr. Chair, I move to approve the almost half a billion 2018 budget requested by the Vice President.




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