Answer A Miss Universe Question And Win A Prize!

Pia Wurtzbach crowns her successor, Miss France

Well, the Miss Universe Pageant is over, but questions asked during the final night linger in the minds of netizens.  Especially the question asked of Miss Philippines, Maxine Medina.

So as a form of therapy for many Filipino Miss Universe fans who were disappointed that the Philippines did not score a back to back win, The Adobo Chronicles is launching a contest among its readers.

It’s simple.  All you have to do is answer the same question asked of Miss Philippines: “What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?”

Answer the question in the comments section.

We will choose the best answer and award the winner with a P1,000 prize plus a signed copy of the book version of The Adobo Chronicles. Contest is open only to readers in the Philippines.  (Readers abroad won’t have much use for pesos, plus it will cost us a lot of money to mail a copy of the book overseas.)

What are you waiting for?


5 thoughts on “Answer A Miss Universe Question And Win A Prize!”

  1. Change is Here. Change is happening, one of the significant changes that happened in the past 10 years is president Duterte’s hand in Philippine politics, it has not only caused great impact to our country but on the global scale as well.


  2. Significant change in the last 10 years are unimaginable breakthroughs in Science & Technology, that if used properly can improve our lives but if goes out of hand can also cause the destruction if not the extinction of humans. That would be all thank you!


  3. Human connection significantly changed in the last decade. Almost everyone’s been able to move their lives online, and our friends, families, lovers and enemies are all just a click away. Even complete strangers are reachable. But, in this world of small screens where we enjoy uninterrupted exchanges, curate our posts, wait for likes and witness online hostility from virtual monsters, you can’t help but wonder – have we become deeply connected or have we become isolated? I hope we choose the former.

    I thank you. Bow. LOL


  4. The most significant change that happened in the last 10 years is gender equality. Women today is enjoying more freedom than before. For example, women in conservative Saudi Arabia is now allowed to vote and run for public office; and they are also allowed to apply for work. Women in many parts of the world has shown courage to pursue their dreams in many fields and that empowered more women to pursue their dreams as well.


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