Bongbong Marcos To Duterte: You’re A Double-Crosser

IMG_7671.JPGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday again raised the possibility of Sen. Manny Pacquiao becoming the next president of the Philippines. It happened  after a long speech during the boxing icon’s 38th birthday celebration in General Santos City.

Earlier in his speech, Duterte told Pacquiao to “stay humble” and he will surely be elected as the next president.

Duterte’s comments didn’t sit well with Bongbong Marcos, son of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos.

During the presidential campaign, Duterte had said that  if he is elected president and fails to stop criminality in three months, he will resign and give the presidency to Marcos.

While in Beijing for his state visit earlier this year, Duterte introduced Marcos as the next vice president, should he win his electoral protest against the election of  VP Leni Robredo.

“Duterte is sending mixed messages,” Marcos said. “I thought all along that he was grooming me to become the next president. Is he a double-crosser?”

Meanwhile, Duterte’s statement rattled members of the anti-Marcos “NeverAgain” movement whose goal is to make sure Bongbong does not become president of the Philippines like his late father.  Will they now shift their fight against Pacquiao being president?

Stay tuned!



One thought on “Bongbong Marcos To Duterte: You’re A Double-Crosser”

  1. Yes senator Paquiao is a God fearing, he will be a great president in the future. However, he need more exposure or experience running the government as he did in sport. I would suggest that he will continue his term as senator and then run for vice president finally for president.


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