Senator Trillanes Files Bill To Change Philippine Flag

IMG_7319.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Arguing that the Philippines is a country for all — pro-Duterte, pro-Aquino and anti-Marcos alike — Senator Antonio Trillanes today filed a bill that would change the current flag of the republic.

He unveiled the proposed new design at a press conference held at the Hyatt Hotel in Manila, the same hotel where a group of 10 Cabinet ministers held a news conference several years ago to announce their resignations in protest against alleged poll-rigging by then President Gloria Macapagal  Arroyo, and urged her to quit.  They became to be known as the “Hyatt Ten.”

The new design replaces the blue stripe of the existing Philippine flag with yellow, representing Filipinos who are pro-Aquino and pro-Liberal Party.  The red stripe remains to represent the pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos supporters.

Other senators have expressed their full support for Trillanes’ bill, among them, Senators Risa Hontiveros, Franklin Drilon, and Leila De Lima.




10 thoughts on “Senator Trillanes Files Bill To Change Philippine Flag”

  1. What a clearly design to promote their own self identity. The flag of the Philippines symbolized the freedom of the Filipinos, not symbolizing the political parties.


  2. what a clearly design to promote their own self identity. the flag of the Philippines does not symbolizing the political parties or any supporters. colors are representing different meaning. ambot nalang ang mga utok aning mga tawhana, walay laing ginhuna huna kondili magpasikat sa ilang kaugalingon dili hinuon mag-huna huna unsay mas makaayo ug makapalmbo sa pilipinas.


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