Philippine Senator Leila De Lima: New ‘Frail Woman of Asia?’

IMG_6979.PNGMANILA, Philippines –   There’s ‘Pretty Woman’ (Julie Roberts). ‘Iron Lady’ (Margaret Thatcher.  Then there’s Philippine Senator Leila De Lima, ‘Frail Woman.’

The lady senator, a harsh critic of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s war on drugs, has finally admitted her relationship with her former driver, Ronnie Dayan, but denied other allegations linking her to the drug trade.

For the first time in months after Duterte said she was an immoral woman for having an affair with her married driver, De Lima broke her silence and confirmed that she had a relationship with the Dayan for “a few years.”

Asked why she fell for Dayan, De Lima said it is due to the “frailties of a woman.”

Filipina netizens immediately took to social media to denounce De Lima for perpetuating a negative stereotype of women, with some even calling her statement ‘misogynistic.’

Earlier, women’s groups came to the rescue of De Lima when a congressional committee hearing looking into the illegal drug proliferation inside the New Bilibid Prison (National Penitentiary) threatened to show her alleged sex videotapes.  The groups denounced what they called “slut-shaming.”

But now, will the same women’s groups support De Lima’s statement on women frailty?

And has the senator just earned the title “Frail Woman of Asia?”


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