Asian Americans Protest New TV Series Featuring Daniel Dae Kim As Lead


HOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – When NBC announced a few weeks ago that it has picked up a new sitcom about an American widower who takes in a mail-order bride from the Philippines to help raise his daughters, the Asian American community protested.  The rest is history, as NBC had cancelled the show.

Now, CBS is developing a new legal drama that centers around a Korean American lawyer.

“Exhibit A” is the newest series project of Alexi Hawley (Castle co-showrunner), Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-o co-star), and Ben Silverman (Jane The Virgin producer). The series, written by Hawley, is adapted from the South Korean drama hit “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo,” and will feature a Korean-American lawyer as the lead. The premise of the show follows the journey of the Korean-American prosecutor from disgrace to redemption as he works with an idealistic attorney to fight for the underdogs of Los Angeles.

Korean American Daniel Dae Kim will play the lead role, certainly a first in U.S. television history (outside of action drama).

Immediately after the CBS announcement, Asian American community leaders across the U.S. protested and demanded that the network kill the show.

“It’s non-stereotypical and very offensive to the Asian American community,” said one Asian American community leader who requested anonymnity.  “Why can’t they come up with a more realistic show that would feature a Korean American owner of a dry cleaning shop or grocery store,” he asked.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.



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