This October, ‘Inferno’ Movie To Be Shown In The Philippines, Except Manila

image.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The film version of Dan Brown’s novel, ‘Inferno’ will be shown in theaters throughout the Philippines this October.  But not in  Metro Manila.

The Alliance of City Mayors  of Metro Manila (ACMMM) has unanimously agreed to ban the Tom Hanks starrer from being shown in theaters in the metropolis.

It will be recalled that Brown’s novel labeled Manila as “the gates of hell,” a designation that upset millions of Filipinos.

Film producers appealed to ACMMM to reconsider its ban in the interest of free speech and  the arts.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada told The Adobo Chronicles that the only way ACMMM will lift its ban is for the film producers to add a disclaimer at the beginning of the film that says: “The events and dialogue about Manila in this film refers to the time of the previous administration of President NoyNoy Aquino.  Under the new Duterte administration, change has come. Manila is now the ‘stairway to heaven.’

There is no indication thus far as to whether or not the producers will agree to the ACMMM demand.




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