Matt Damon Defends His Role in “The Great Wall” Saying He Indeed Is Quarter Chinese

Top: Stone in ‘Aloha,’ left and Swinston in ‘Doctor Strange.’ Bottom: Damon in ‘The Great Wall.’

HOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – You’ve seen it many times before — the whitewashing of Hollywood where Asian roles are played by white actors.  For example: Emma Stone playing a quarter-Hawaiian in the movie ‘Aloha’ or Tilda Swinston playing a Tibetan Monk — The Ancient One — in Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange.’

Now, a white actor has been cast to play the role of a warrior out to protect China’s Great Wall from attacking dragons.  That actor is none other than Matt Damon.

Naturally, Asian American groups have criticized Damon’s casting in a film, pointing out the ridiculousness of having a white warrior in ancient China.

But today, Damon came to his own defense saying that he, indeed, is a quarter Chinese, something that he has revealed for the very first time since he started his acting career.

Well, in that case, his casting is justified.

The film opens in 2017.




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