Indiana Governor Mike Pence On Being Trump’s VP: “I’m Screwed!”

image.jpegINDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Republican presidential candidate Donal Trump hasn’t even formally announced Mike Pence as his VP running mate, but the governor of Indiana is already feeling short-changed.

Trump just released the campaign logo that will be used to promote the Trump-Pence tandem. And Pence is fuming.

“It’s very patriotic alright,” Pence said, “with the red, white and blue colors very prominent in the design, but for heaven’s sake, I have been screwed!”

The logo design mimics the U.S. flag with the red and white stripes, but it shows the letter “T” (for Trump) piercing through the letter “P” (for Pence).  Many who were seeing the logo for the first time said the logo looks like a cork screw being plunged into a wine bottle.

“It’s very symbolic and surreal,” said one observer. “It represents The Donald screwing up (or down) Pence and all those who support his presidential quest.

Still, others say part of the logo looks like a character in the Chinese or Korean alphabet.

The new GOP campaign logo immediately drew new hashtags on social media, including #ImScrewed, #ScrewYouTrump and #BackOutWhileYouCanPence.



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