The Adobo Chronicles’ Presidential Barong Tagalog Survey

image.jpegOn the eve of the inauguration of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the 16th president of the Philippines, we turn to fashion — presidential fashion, that is.

While Duterte is no avid fan of the formal attire for Filipino males — the barong tagalog-– he nevertheless agreed to pose for his official photograph.

The mayor had repeatedly said that he dislikes wearing the barong  because it is what people wear at their funerals.  He prefers to wear plain or checkered collared shirts and doesn’t mind wearing his favorites over and over again, even in public.

The Adobo Chronicles is conducting a poll on who our readers think looks more presidential in a barong — Duterte, or NoyNoy Aquino?

Please let us know. (Disregard Aquino’s crumpled look, clipped pen and yellow ribbon on his barong ; or hand inside pocket for both men. We’re more interested in style, bearing and statesman-like aura.)



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