Guess Who Was Absent From The Senate This Week?

Senator Pacquiao (Photo:
Senator Pacquiao (Photo:

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipino champion boxer Manny Pacquiao registered his first absence from his duties and responsibilities as newly-elected senator this week.

Pacquiao, known to his countrymen as the No. 1 absentee congressman during his term as elected representative of his province of Sarangani, had promised during his senatorial campaign that he would try his best to have a 100% attendance record as senator.

He hasn’t even assumed his position but he already had his first no-show.

On Monday, Pacquiao and the other neophyte senators elected last May were supposed to attend an orientation conducted by the Senate Secretariat to brief the lawmakers on the upper chamber’s rules, protocols, and other important issues.  Only three of the five new senators showed up: Risa Hontiveros, Sherwin Gatchalian and Joel Villanueva.  The other senator-elect absent was former Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

A spokesperson for Pacquiao told The Adobo Chronicles that the congressman had a previously-booked appointment.

However, the spokesperson said that Pacquiao has revised his promise to those who voted for him.  This time, he is promising to attend 99.9% of all sessions and official functions of the senate.



One thought on “Guess Who Was Absent From The Senate This Week?”

  1. You have to accept Senator for what he is. You knew all the while that he was number 1 absentee in the congress and yet you voted for him. That’s the fault of those who supported him. A good boxer does not necessarily mean that he would be a good legislator.


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