Mar Roxas-Cynthia Patag Tandem In 2022?

Roxas, left, and Patag

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) –  Will a third try work for defeated presidential candidate Mar Roxas?  His supporters think so.

Encouraged by Liberal Party loyalists, Roxas is reportedly seriously considering running again for president in 2022.

“I’m not going away,” Roxas recently told a cheering crowd at a thanksgiving celebration.

Already, the former Interior Secretary has locked in his choice for vice presidential running mate, none other than Yellowtard Cynthia Patag — practically dumping his 2016 running mate, VP-elect Leni Robredo.

Many are aware that the singer/actress has been the number one supporter of Roxas and the Liberal Party, using her social media account a platform to attack president-elect Rod Duterte and his followers, as well as to spread yellowism.

It may be six years away till the next presidential elections but already, the circus that is the trademark of Philippine politics is rearing its funny head among Filipino voters.

Another avid Roxas fan, Jim Paredes of the singing group Apo Hiking Society, is also rumored to be laying the groundwork for a senate run.

Long live yellow!



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