Newly-Elected Transgender Congresswoman Wants To Occupy Manny Pacquiao’s Office

Roman, left, and Pacquiao

ORANI, Bataan, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As latest election results show an impending senatorial victory for Congresssman and boxer Manny Pacquiao, the same results show the Philippines’ first transgender lawmaker candidate all but winning a seat in Congress.

Geraldine Roman has clearly won the congressional seat in her district of Orani, Bataan, north of the Philippines.

Already, Pacquiao is looking forward to occupying a new office in the Senate Building in Manila, while Roman is excited to do the same for her new office in the Congress Building in Quezon City.

The Adobo Chronicles has learned that Roman had requested that she occupy the same office that will be vacated by Pacquiao.

“It will be symbolic of the triumph of the LGBT community over the boxer who recently compared gay men and women to “worse than animals.” Pacquiao’s comments came as he reiterated his position against same-sex marriage.

Roman said one of the first things she will do upon arriving in congress is to re-decorate Pacquiao’s former office and to advocate for the construction of a gender-netural bathroom inside the congress building.



One thought on “Newly-Elected Transgender Congresswoman Wants To Occupy Manny Pacquiao’s Office”

  1. Tangina this naman oh.. I’m sure mas maraming issue ang kailangang unahin sa ni re represent mong Distrito rather than looking back to the “pacquiao issue” na hangio lang naman sa konteksto ng bibliya.. Punyemas naman oh!


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