Philippine Elections: New, Two-Party System Emerges

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There may be four major political parties — not to mention coalitions and independents — that have a stake in the upcoming May 9, 2016 Philippine presidential elections. But in reality, a new two-party system has emerged in just the last few months.

For generations, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC), boasting of  close to four million members, has always voted in Philippine elections as a unified block.  Its church leaders dictate who its members should vote vote. That’s one party.

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The latest party to emerge is the Catholic Church of the Philippines. Its leaders, members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) have never been “hands-off” from politics.  Separation of church and state is a myth.

The Catholic bishops have always had a hand  — and the pulpit — in influencing political decisions and developments — from the first EDSA People’s Power Revolution to legislation and debate on divorce, abortion, women’s rights, gay marriage, health policy, etc.

Catholics comprise about 80% of the total Philippine population. That would translate into at least 40 million votes, based on the 54 million registered in this election.

Supporters of administration candidates Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo have taken to social media to try to convince all Catholic voters to rally behind the presidential and vice presidential candidates. It will be the ‘other’ block vote.

Now, wouldn’t it make the voting process in the Philippines much simpler and less expensive if, with the two-party system (INC and CBCP), we just let the heads of the two churches vote on behalf of their constitutents?

Let’s pray.





One thought on “Philippine Elections: New, Two-Party System Emerges”

  1. why everybody so anxious about who is the president and what happen if.if if if why why why. if you are serious of helping the Filipino you don’t talk to much just help and work it out the solution of the problem instead of I resign, I cannot work with him. just shut a fuck up and help the people of the Philippines that’s what duterte wants but you opposition you talk to much, why are you scared to be investigated with your corruption, have you not enough money taken from the Filipino wonder my friend here called us the most corrupt country. thanks to duterte he could stop it. common mr. president kill all this ashole, they are a very big problem in the country.


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