President Aquino Rumored To Have Left Malacañang For Exile In Hawaii

imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau)  – The rumor mill has been running nonstop in the last week or so in the Philippines, fueled by the eerie silence of President NoyNoy Aquino over two significant national developments in his country — the massacre of farmers in Kidapawan seeking food from the government and the tragedy in Basilan where 18 soldiers were killed in an encounter with the rebel forces.

The latest rumor is that Aquino has left Malacañang (the presidential palace) and is enroute to Hawaii for a self-imposed exile.  It seems like a repeat of the Marcos family exile to Honolulu after the late president was deposed by the People Power revolution.

Aquino may himself have given the clue about his exile when he told a group of women in media last week, after a state luncheon for visiting Prince Albert II of Monaco, that he has “started packing.”

Aquino’s 6-year-term ends at noon on June 30 when the new president to be elected on May 9, takes office.

Pundits have speculated that Aquino chose exile to escape possible charges and imprisonment for plunder, graft and corruption resulting from fund scandals during his administration.

Ironically, Aquino is will reportedly stay in the same house on Makiki Heights Drive in Honolulu, occupied by the Marcoses during their Hawaii exile.




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