Senator Marco Rubio Announces Early Retirement

Rubio and his new rocking chair
Rubio and his new rocking chair

MIAMI, Florida (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – It’s all but over for Republican presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio.  Any minute now, he is expected to announce that he will be suspending his camapaign for the Republican presidential nomination after continued dismal showing in the polls.

Rubio says he has no regrets joining the initially crowded field of GOP presidential aspirants.  He is happy that he has, so far, made it to the last four standing candidates.

But reality is finally sinking in for the relatively young politician. “I am tired and worn out.  I have chosen to altogether retire from politics and work,” he said today from his Florida home.

As proof of his early retirement plan, Rubio showed off to reporters his newly-acquired furniture which will be his cherished spot in his retirement: a rocking chair.  Not just a rocking chair.  A GIANT rocking chair.

We wish the senator all the best and congratulate him on his retirement.

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