Philippines’ Social Welfare Secretary Desperate To Keep Her Job Beyond 2016

Soliman before, left, and after
Soliman before, left, and after

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Philippines’ Social Welfare Secretary, Dinky Soliman, has had her share of criticism, not the least of which was the accusation that she rounded up street children and families and hauled them away to resorts outside of Metro Manila to impress visiting dignitaries like Pope Francis and the APEC heads of state.

She reportedly loves her job so much that she is doing everything within her power to be re-appointed to her position when the new president takes office later this summer.

Well, the only way that would happen is if former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Aquino’s appointed successor, wins the presidential election in May this year.

So, the 63-year-old Soliman embarked on a very personal crusade to make sure that Roxas, of the Liberal (Yellow) Party, wins.

The secretary, who used to sport a red streak on her hair, has done a total  makeover, changing her streak from red to yellow, to show her full support for Aquino’s candidate Roxas and the Yellow party.

Will Soliman’s strategy work?  We will know after the May elections.


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