Philippines To Import Quadruple-Deckers To Ease Metro Manila’s Traffic Nightmare

image MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya today announced that the Philippine government will soon import a fleet of quadruple-decker buses from Japan as a way to ease Metro Manila’s worsening traffic and mass transportation nightmares.

Abaya, who is facing calls for his resignation because of his failure to address unsurmountable issues with MRT, Manila’s light railway system, as well as daily traffic gridlock in the metropolis, said his boss, President NoyNoy Aquino, has given the go-signal for the importation. The money needed to purchase the buses will come from DAP, the president’s taxpayer-funded Disbursement Acceleration Program.

The announcement comes just days after the Aquino government said it will phase out some 600,000 public utility jeepneys (PUJ) that are at least 15 years old.

In preparation for the arrival of the quaduple-deckers, the Department of Highways will begin dismantling overpasses along EDSA and other major thoroughfares in order to accommodate the height of the buses.

“We will finally see the end of long lines at the MRT stations as well as  congested streets,” Abaya said.


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