Presidential Palace: None Of President Aquino’s Statements Should Be Taken Literally

Abaya, left, and Aquino; long lines at MRT
Abaya, left, and Aquino; long lines at MRT

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Time is running out for Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino and his Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya.  The Filipinos are eagerly awaiting the day — on January 1, 2016 — when both men will have themselves run over by a train. It was a promise made by Aquino in 2013 if, by the end of 2015, the serious problems plaguing Metro Manila’s mass transportation, particularly the MRT (light railway) are not resolved.

In a desperate attempt for damage control, Aquino’s communications secretary Herminio Coloma came to the rescue today saying that none of the president’s statements should be taken literally.

“He was merely joking,” Coloma said, “just like when he makes statements and claims about the accomplishments of his administration.”

“When the president says something like ‘the Philippines is the New Darling of Asia,’ or ‘the Philippines will soon become a First World Country,’ we should not take him seriously.”

The statement from the presidential palace comes as a disappointment to many who were gearing up for a great, televised spectacle come January 1st.

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