Damon in
Damon in “The Martian”

HOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Is it film imitating life, or life imitating film?

Following Monday’s earth-shattering announcement by NASA that scientists have discovered flowing water — ergo, life — on Mars, the space agency unveiled its new spaceship  scheduled to head for the red planet in mid- 2016, with human crew members.

In addition to two astronauts still to be selected and named, NASA has offered a seat on the spaceship to private individuals who would cough up  five million dollars for the experience.

It didn’t take long for that seat to be filled.

Actor Matt Damon who, incidentally, stars in a new Hollywood film, “The Martian,” just sent NASA a cashier’s check for $5 Million.

The film, to be released by 20th Century Fox, opens in theaters worldwide starting in October.

Damon says that his portrayal of an astronaut left for dead after a botched mission on Mars, was so realistic that he felt it was almost like the “real thing.”  “So, to complete the experience, I would like to be part of a human mission to further explore life on the red planet,” Damon stated in his application to NASA.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also expressed interest in the human mission, but he wanted to wait and see if he gets his party’s nomination for president in the 2016 elections. “I am prepared to pay one billion dollars for the experience,” Trump said.

(We hope that if Trump is selected, it would be a one-way ticket to Mars!)

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