imageMORGAN HILL, California (The Adobo Chronicles®) – When ranchers in Morgan Hill, California shot and cut open a wild hog, they realized what they had in front of them was much more than your average swine. The pig’s insides were cotton-candy blue color.

The ranchers said  that the animal is healthy and normal in every way—except for its blue-colored fat, which runs throughout its entire body.

Scientists at Stanford University who examined the pig weren’t sure whether the blue color was a result of some bacterial or environmental contamination, or the result of a genetic defect. So they asked a Filipino American family in Palo Alto to cook the pig the Filipino way — lechon (roasted pig).

Lo and behold, while the lechon looked as normal as a pig roasted in an open-fire pit, blue hues seemed to permeate through the pig’s skin, making for a first in the history of lechon-making: a blue lechon!image

Other than the patches of blue, those who did partake of the lechon dinner attest to the fact that it tasted much like the regular Pinoy delicacy: crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.

The scientists then determined that the pig’s blue fat was genetic and the pig was fit for human consumption.

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