Perry at the AMA, left, and on an unaired segment on Sesame Street, right.
Perry at the AMA, left, and on an un-aired segment on Sesame Street, right.

PHOENIX, Arizona (The Adobo Chronicles) – Singer Katy Perry is no stranger to controversy when it comes to what she wears during her concerts and television appearances — from her yellow-face Geisha costume at the American Music Awards to her infamous provocative attire on the children’s show Sesame Street. The latter never aired.

Now, fans and critics alike are going gaga over what she might wear during her half-time show performance at this year’s Super Bowl XLIX  scheduled for February 1, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. Will she offend audiences with  racist antics or theatrics?

The Adobo Chronicles was given an exclusive sneak peek into Perry’s half-time show performance.  Both fans and critics can breathe a sigh of relief.

We are not at liberty to divulge all the details of Perry’s 15-minute performance at the National Football League (NFL) Championship Game, but we can tell you that she will be singing a medley of her top hits. There will be no inappropriate costumes– not even the slightest chance of a wardrobe malfunction.

More importantly, the concert queen will be racially and culturally sensitive and will not offend any single racial minority who will be watching live or on TV.

Perry will have a total of seven costume changes during her performance. Through the magic of choreography, props and stage lighting, all costume changes will happen on stage!

As  to what she will be wearing, Perry will don  costumes that will be representative of each of the world’s seven continents. “No one will be left out,” she says.

We can also reveal that as far as the Asian continent costume is concerned, it will definitely not be a Geisha attire. Rather she will go on stage as a Philippine Muslim princess, carried on top of bamboo poles by half-naked men. Singkil as it is called in the Philippines.

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