San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Televangelist Pat Robertson’s recent comment about gays didn’t sit well with a San Francisco coalition of heterosexual parents.

In his comment on the TV Show, ‘The 700 Club,’ the 84-year-old former Southern Baptist minister said that “homosexuals will die out because they can’t reproduce.”

The Hetero Coalition (THC) issued a statement today saying that Robertson is out of touch with reality, pointing out that “it’s the heterosexuals that are giving birth to gays.”

“Is he saying that we, reproductive heterosexuals, will only produce heterosexual offspring,” a THC spokesperson who has identical twins that are both gay, asked. “And how about heterosexual couples who choose  not to have children — will they also become extinct?”

THC asked Robertson to apologize on national TV for making that absurd statement.

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