parrotTorrance, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – A parrot that spoke with a British accent when he disappeared four years ago has been reunited with his owner, and he now speaks Spanish. Or so the owner first thought.

A veterinarian used a microchip to track Nigel, an African parrot, to his owner, Darren Chick, a Briton who lives in Torrance. Mr. Chick said Nigel’s accent is gone, and that the bird now chatters in Spanish. He said last week’s reunion had brought tears to his eyes, although Nigel bit him when he tried to pick him up.

Chick said all he heard from his red, white, blue and yellow-feathered pet this week was “cuchara,” “tenedor,” “cuchillo,” “mesa” and “silla” (Spanish words for spoon, fork, knife, table and chair).

Today, however  Nigel kept saying “salamat” (Tagalog for “thank you”). That’s when Chick realized he was actually speaking in Tagalog, the dominant language in the Philippines.

Though spelled differently, cuchara, tenedor, cuchillo, mesa and silla mean the same things as they do in Spanish.

Chick has appealed to the Filipino or Filipino family that adopted Nigel for the last four years to come forward so he could thank them for  making his parrot bilingual.

Incidentally, Nigel’s feathers are the same as the colors of the Philippine flag.

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