imageHollywood, California – Warner Bros. has just confirmed that the sequel to “Man Of Steel” has started filming in Toronto.

Earlier this month, “Man Of Steel” director Zack Snyder revealed at Comic Con that Batman and Superman were set to join forces in this new sequel. The movie will once again star Henry Cavill as Superman – although a new actor is likely to replace Christian Bale as the Dark Knight.  Update: Oscar winner Ben Affleck will play the Batman character in the upcoming Superman sequel!

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

In a surprising announcement, Warner Bros. also said that a third Superhero has been added to this action-packed movie which is expected to hit the theaters in early 2015.

The third lead character will be SuperGay, whose powerful operatic singing voice can sink ships, blow up buldings and practically move mountains.  Sources who have reviewed the script tell The Adobo Chronicles that a love triangle ensues in this super adventure.  SuperGay falls in love with the good-looking Superman as the three, including Batman, pursue the dark forces that have descended on earth in the city of Metropolitic. The twist happens when SuperGay finds Batman in the locker room after a workout without his mask. Only then does SuperGay find out that Batman was much more good looking than Superman. SuperGay becomes conflicted with his love for Superman and Batman. Our sources refused to reveal how the movie ends to avoid a spoiler.

Country singer Steve Grand
Country singer Steve Grand

Openly gay country singer Steve Grand will play the role of SuperGay.  In preparation for the role, Grand has taken up intensive opera singing lessons at the Toronto Conservatory of Music.

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