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imageSan Francisco, California – Two of the largest charities and used-clothing stores, Goodwill and The Salvation Army, have started a fierce bidding war over the Ralph Loren-designed, patchwork sweaters worn by the U.S. Olympic delegation at last night’s Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony. A third, lesser known used-clothing store in San Francisco, Out Of The Closet, has indicated it will join in the bidding.

The sweaters, made in the City of Commerce in Southern California, have received mixed reviews immediately after their world-wide television debut. Some fashionistas described the sweater as something one would use in an ‘uggliest sweater party.’ image13.jpg

Goodwill, The Salvation Army and Out Of The Closet merchandise managers have agreed that the used sweaters will be a big hit in their stores not so much because they were worn at the Olympics but because “they are the type of sweaters that our customers always look for –  patchwork and all.”

It wasn’t clear if the U.S. Olympic Committee will sell or donate the sweaters to the winning bidder.