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Davida, left, and Sanchez

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Will the real sexiest woman alive  please step forward?

It’s that time of year when the Philippine edition of Esquire magazine announces its choice for ‘sexiest woman alive.’ But then the magazine goofed. It put the wrong woman on its cover.

Esquire even tried to have a little fun with its headline saying, “We named Karem Davila the Sexiest Woman Alive… This was her reaction.” The cover photo shows a laughing Davila, a television news anchor.

Now we know why.

Apparently, the magazine’s editorial board chose another broadcast journalist, the controversial Korina Sanchez, to be this year’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive.’ When the assigned editor and photographer scheduled the photo shoot for the cover, they made an appointment with the wrong woman — Davila instead of Sanchez.

As the photo of Davila was being taken, she asked what the magazine cover story was about. That’s when they told her about the ‘sexiest woman alive’ title. She couldn’t contain her laughter, but it made for a great photograph.

Eventually, Esquire stopped the printing of the magazine and scheduled a photo shoot with the real sexiest woman alive — Sanchez.

Sanchez is the wife Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas who is believed to be running for president in 2016. If Roxas wins, would Sanchez make the cover of Time magazine as the “Sexiest First Lady Alive?”