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imageSan Francisco, California – Hundreds of thousands of San Franciscans are expected to gather in front of the Port of San Francisco building on Saturday to protest the new sign recently put up by the San Francisco Ports Authority.

The sign on the facade of the building, just beneath the iconic clock tower, reads “Port of San Fran.” Native San Franciscans — whose numbers are dwindling — as well as those who currently live, or have lived,  in the City by the Bay, have always found certain references to San Francisco extremely offensive.    These references include “San Fran,” “Frisco,” and “Sanfo.”  It’s like calling Los Angeles “Lala Land,” protest organizers said.

The Port’s communications office said that the new sign was put up to make the building marker “more sexy.” ” Besides, most tourists fondly call the city San Fran anyway, so we didn’t see anything wrong with the new sign,” a Ports official whose first name is Fernando, said. “People call me ‘Fern’ all the time, and it doesn’t offend me,” he added.

Meanwhile, residents of a relatively unknown city in Texas, are planning a related protest in front of their City Hall, demanding that “Frisco” be totally dropped from all references to San Francisco. The name of the Texas city is Frisco.