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Duterte, next Peesident of the Philippines?
Duterte, next Peesident of the Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – Who says religion and politics don’t mix ?

In what appears to be the clearest indication of his openness to run for president of the Philippines in 2016, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte told constituents and supporters that there will be “swift and immediate reforms” should he become president.

Speaking before a crowd, Duterte also said he will rule with “common sense and a good heart” if God allows him to be the next leader of the country. “I am waiting for divine signal,” he added.

Duterte openly favors a federalist form of government much like in the United States in which certain powers are reserved for the national government as well as the states (provinces, in the case of the Philippines).

The mayor made headlines recently when, referring to the arrest of a suspected rice smuggler, he said, “If this guy would go to Davao and starts to unload (smuggled rice)… I will gladly kill him.”

Duterte was hoping that the divine signal would be personally delivered to him by Pope Francis who recently visited the Philippines.  Alas, no such signal came from the pope.

However, Duterte plans to travel to the Holy Land next month, along with other Filipino pilgrims. “Perhaps the signal is wating for me there,” he said.