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Roxas, left, and Binay
Roxas, left, and Binay

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles®) – Now that Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino has all but confirmed he will anoint Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas as his choice of successor, the unofficial 2016 political campaign for president is in full swing!

What would a Philippine political campaign be without the usual freebies to entice voters to support the respective party candidates?

Opposition party candidate Vice President Jojo Binay is way ahead of his rival. He has been giving away cell phones to supporters.  But he is upping the ante this time around and has switched from a basic Android cell phone to an Apple iPhone (see photo).FullSizeRender (67)

Roxas may not have as much money as Binay to be able to afford a matching expensive freebie, but at least he is keeping true to the campaign theme of  austerity and “Ituloy And Daang Matuwid” (Continue the Straight Path).  So he chose a simple freebie that he hopes will appeal to the greater masses of  people — the tsinelas (flip flops).

It wouldn’t cost  a whole lot for Roxas to make the tsinelas his campaign give-away.  His wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, has a huge leftover inventory from a previous campaign promoting her television program, “Rated K”.  And it is the perfect color symbolizing Roxas’ Liberal Party: yellow!

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From left, clockwise: Jojo Binay, wife Elenita, Santiago, Poe
From left, clockwise: Jojo Binay, wife Elenita, Santiago, Poe

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Vice President Jejomar Binay can’t handle the truth that he is being beaten by women in the race for Philippine President. So he has decided to withdraw his declared candididacy.

Recent national polls show that Senators Grace Poe and Miriam Defensor-Santiago are the two top choices for president among likely voters. (Santiago officially announced her candidacy this week after her doctors declared her ‘cancer-free.’ Her stage 4 lung cancer prompted her to go on leave from the Senate and to hold off on her presidential quest).

“As a man, husband and father, I will not allow women to beat me in the elections or any competition for that matter,” Binay said.

So what happens now to the Binay political dynasty?

It lives on. Binay’s son, Junjun, is mayor of Makati City (although he is currently under suspension for corruption charges) and his two daughters Nancy and Abigail are sitting members of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively.

But to lock in the Binay dynasty, the Vice President announced that his wife Elenita will run for president in his stead, paving the way for an all-women, three-way race for president.

Elenita is no stranger to politics. She was once mayor of Makati.

Let the women games begin!