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A scene from the Hollywood film, 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'
A scene from the Hollywood film, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – For the longest time, it has been the ‘elephant in the room’ in circuses, films and television shows: wild and exotic animals used commercially for public amusement.

This week, the ultra radical San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance banning performances by these animals in circuses and on film. It takes effect in 30 days.

Passage of the measure, opposed by the circus and motion picture industries, makes San Francisco the largest city to adopt such a sweeping prohibition on the commercial use of wild animals for public amusement.

The ordinance does not apply to domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and other livestock or pets. Educational activities or exhibitions accredited by certain zoological and museum organizations are also exempt.

It does bar any public showing, carnival, fair, parade, petting zoo, ride, race, film shoot or other undertaking in which wild or exotic animals “are required to perform tricks, fight or participate as accompaniments for the entertainment, amusement or benefit of an audience.”

Wild and exotic animals are defined as any nondomestic or hybrid creature, whether or not it was bred in captivity. That means elephants, tigers, lions, apes, monkeys, snakes, deer, politicians and right-wing conservatives.

It wasn’t clear whether films like ‘Planet of the Apes,’ filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area (including the Golden Gate Bridge) will be banned from being shown in local theaters and television, or rented out through Netflix.


Bieber (Photo credit:
Bieber (Photo credit:

TORONTO, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles) – Justin Bieber has appealed to Pope Francis to intercede after an Argentine judge issued an arrest warrant for the Canadian singer for failing to respond to summons related to allegations he ordered bodyguards to attack a photographer in 2013.

Judge Alberto Julio Banos ordered the “immediate detention” of Bieber and bodyguards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smalls.

Bieber is accused of sending the bodyguards to attack photographer Diego Pesoa outside a Buenos Aires nightclub. Bieber never returned to Argentina to respond to questions about the incident.

Under Argentine law, Bieber would face from one month to six years in prison if convicted on a charge of causing injuries.

After being informed of the arrest order, Bieber immediately asked Pope Francis to convince the judge to cancel the warrant. The singer, who previously had been in trouble with the law many times in the U.S., made his appeal on social media, posting the following message on the Pope’s Facebook page:

“Your Excellency (sic) , please help and use your Argentinan (sic) influence to convince Judge Banos to cancel the warrant for my arrest. With my busy schedule of concerts and recordings, I don’t have the time to fly to Buenos Eres (sic) to appear before the judge. I promise to go to confession and receive Holy Community (sic)  when I come visit The Vatican this summer. I will even stage a free concert at St. Peter’s Square.”

As of presstime, the Pope has not replied to Bieber’s post.


Cuneta, left, and Aquino
Cuneta, left, and Aquino

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Speaking to reporters while vacationing in Los Angeles, Filipina megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed plans to leave the Philippines for good and spend her retirement years in America.

Cuneta, who just made a recent comeback on the ABS-CBN television network, blamed the scary and unstable conditions in the Philippines which she said won’t be good for her family’s future.

Not to be outdone, presidential sister and TV host Kris Aquino followed suit, announcing that she, too, would like to permanently leave her showbiz life in the Philippines and retire in Massachusetts, her family’s home state during the self-imposed exile of her dad, the late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

“I’m just sick and tired of being the butt of jokes in the Philippines,” Aquino said, and I am looking forward to a quiet life of retirement in Boston, far from the madding crowd and the glaring spotlight of show business.”

‘I realize that I will not  be the Philippines’ queen of all media forever, and I know — especially when my brother is no longer president — that my legions of fans will eventually diminish,” she said.

It seems quite ironic that Aquino made the announcement just days after one of her long-running shows, ‘The Buzz,’ was cancelled by the ABS-CBN network.  She indicated to reporters that she has strong feelings that the next show to get the ax is her mainstay show, “Abunda and Aquino Tonight.”

Asked about how she wants to spend her retirement in America, Aquino said, “I’d like to establish several Chowking franchises in the U.S. East Coast,” referring to the Chinese-style Filipino fast food restaurant that’s gaining popularity in America. She already owns one such franchise in Manila.