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McDonald’s Now Runs A University In The Philippines

imageBAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – McDonald’s, the American fast food giant, has finally thrown in the towel, realizing that in the Philippines, it just cannot compete with its local counterpart, Jollibee.

But the resilient McDonald’s is not giving up altogether.  It has started to shift its business operations from hamburgers to education.

Ronald McDonald has announced that it is taking over the ownership and management of the University of Baguio in the Philippines.

It is a move that is considered a ‘win-win’ situation because McDonald’s will not only profit from operating a university. Its student cafeteria will still offer the regular McDonald’s menu. What’s more, its revenue from operating the university will be tax-exempt.

If the pilot project in Baguio City is successful, McDonald’s plans to buy other universities throughout the Philippines.

What’s next? Perhaps a Bachelor’s Degree in Fastfood Business Administration?



imageCUPERTINO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – When Tim Cook officially launched the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil last October, his company thought it has hit the jackpot by producing the most advanced pieces of mobile technology ever invented.  The launch has been so successful that stores all over the world have reported huge backlogs in their supply of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Then came the bad news for Apple.

Many buyers of the iPad Pro have reported a serious glitch in their new devices.  Among many issues, consumers — including our own reporters and editors — have reported that their device becomes unresponsive after being plugged in for re-charging.  Apple has acknowledged the issue but has not come up with a fix, other than recommending that iPad Pro users try a hard re-start of their devices if they go dark.

As far as the  Apple Pencil is concerned, many customers are criticizing Apple for not thinking about including a ‘pencil holder’ in the iPad Pro cover or Smart Keyboard to prevent users from misplacing or losing their pencil, as people have already reported.

Faced by the embarrassment of its new devices, Apple announced today that it was totally “re-inventing” the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and will come up with new designs from scratch.

In the meantime, Apple says it will be donating all of its remaining inventory of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to public schools worldwide. Those who have already purchased the devices will be given a 100% rebate towards the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil once they become available sometime in the fall of 2017 .

Schools are asked to contact Apple directly to be included in the mass donation.



2015 National Spelling Bee champs Venkatachalam, left and Shivashankar
2015 National Spelling Bee champs Venkatachalam, left and Shivashankar

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Vanya Shivashankar, 13, of Olathe, Kansas, and Gokul Venkatachalam, 14, of Chesterfield, Missouri, tied as winners of the National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

Shivashankar correctly spelled the word “‘scherenschnitte” and Venkatachalam correctly spelled the word “nunatak.”

For the last eight years, Indian Americans have dominated the contest, and this bothers conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

Just this week, Coulter went on national television, practically suggesting that America totally close its borders to Mexicans because they are  stealing jobs and perpetrating crime.She even went as far as suggesting that Mexicans are more dangerous than ISIS.

Now Coulter wants to scrap the national spelling bee altogether.

“Foreigners — especially Indian Americans — are stealing our bee, and that’s a national disgrace,” Coulter said. “What kind of message are we sending to our white, American kids?” she asked.

Scripps, the sponsor of the annual competition could not be reached for comment.