Leni Robredo’s Microphone Turned Off At Asian Leadership Conference In Korea!

SEOUL, South Korea (The Adobo Chronicles, Seoul Burea) – The organizers of the 2023 Asian Leadership Conference held in Seoul, South Korea on May 17-18 thought they hit a jackpot when Atty. Leni Robredo agreed to be one of their speakers — their token woman on their list.

The conference, featuring “have-been” (former) world leaders had for its theme, “The Era of Upheaval: The Road To Collaboration and Innovation.”

But just minutes into Robredo’s speech, organizers decided to turn off her microphone because she didn’t live up to the hype of being a collaborator and innovator.

The ex-Philippine Vice President insisted on talking about the divisive politics and campaigning she and her ilks pursued during her country’s 2022 national elections which she lost by a landslide. She also started talking about her “innovative” campaign gimmicks, particularly doing a series of Hadouken and Karate Master promos to promote her candidacy.

Organizers told The Adobo Chronicles Robredo did not fulfill her part of the speaker agreement to focus on the conference theme. They also said they weren’t aware that Robredo had not officially conceded her defeat which goes against the collaboration theme of the conference.

A lesson learned.


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