One-Person GABRIELA USA Joins White House Protest Against Marcos!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – The Philippines’ leading women’s advocacy group, GABRIELA, is living up to its meme of “1 BILLION RISING.”

The group’s members are everywhere, here and around the world.

In fact, it had ONE clueless member who waved the GABRIELA flag during a small, pathetic protest held during President Bongbong Marcos’ visit to The White House.

The GABRIELA USA member joined activists, mostly non-Filipinos, in chanting “No to Martial Law,” “Tuta” and “Pasista,” clueless of the fact that PBBM is supposed to be a “weak President.”

Anyway, back to GABRIELA. The White House Protest should encourage the organization to revise its meme to “1 PERSON RISING.”


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