Maria Ressa Appoints Maharlika Rappler Bureau Chief In Los Angeles!

Graphics by AC Designer Orman Mansansala

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) – It’s either a marriage of convenience or two airheads coming together. But it doesn’t matter. The big news is that Maria Ressa has just appointed Bb. Maharlika Rappler’s bureau chief in Los Angeles.

“As we strive to expand the reach of Rappler in the United States, we needed a staff person who has the courage, grit, shamelessness, fakery and absurdity that have become the trademark of our news brand,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles. The Nobel Laureate and convicted criminal said that Maharlika totally fits the bill.

For the unfortunate netizens who follow Maharlika’s Vlogs, it is common knowledge that she is the epitome of a balimbing (turncoat), Marites (gossip monger) and opportunist who will do anything to climb the social ladder and muster the elusive power and influence that many of her kind aspire for.

As a Los Angeles Bureau Chief, Maharlika’s main responsibility is to write juicy stories about First Lady Liza Marcos (whom she calls Mrs. President) and President Bongbong Marcos (whom she calls First Gentleman) from the perspective of Pinklawan and anti-Marcos FilAms.

Ressa reportedly offered Maharlika compensation and benefits that no fortune hunters would ever refuse.


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