Rodrigo Duterte To Play Himself In ‘Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay!’

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Who else can best portray Rodrigo Duterte than Rodrigo Duterte himself?

With that statement, Director Darryl Yap announced in a press conference yesterday that the former president has agreed to play himself in the third installment of Viva Films’ Marcos flicks, ‘Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay.’ The upcoming film is expected to chronicle the Hawaii exile of the Marcoses in 1986 to the election of Bongbong Marcos in 2022.

Duterte joined the rest of the cast of MaM at the press conference, including Cesar Montano as Ferdinand E. Marcos, Ruffa Gutierrez as Imelda Marcos, Aga Muhlach as Bongbong Marcos, among others.

Imee Marcos is also expected to play herself.


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