Director Darryl Yap Responds To “Ako Si Ninoy” Actor JK Labajo!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As the “competition” between the two Marcos films, (pro-Aquino) Ako Si Ninoy” and (pro-Marcos) “Martyr or Murderer” heats up, AsN lead actor JK Labajo tried a jab at MoM director Darryl Yap. Labajo plays the role of Ninoy Aquino in the film.

Hinding-hindi ako pagpapa-direk kay Darryl Yap,” (I will never have myself directed by Darryl Yap) Labajo was quoted as saying on social media.

To which Yap replied, “suntok sa buwan” (punch to the moon).

Suntok sa buwan” is a Filipino phrase that roughly means “Aiming for the impossible.”

Yap’s comment was a double whammy as Labajo, also a recording artist, is credited for the hit song “Buwan” (moon). Was it also a punch to the hit song?


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