Senator Robin Padilla Wants Smart Phones Replaced With Pagers And Landlines.

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Are you one of those annoyed by people speaking loudly on their smartphones in jeepneys, buses, restaurants and other public places? Stress no more!

Robin Padilla, topnotcher in the last Philippine senatorial elections has a smart solution.

The senator has filed a bill that would permanently ban smart phones by proposing a return of pagers and landlines!

Padilla said his proposed legislation would eliminate those annoying phone calls by rude people and bring about peace and tranquility in public places. “With pagers, people will have to wait till they get to a landline to make or respond to calls,” he told The Adobo Chroniclers.

At the same time, Padilla said the banning of smart phones would eliminate texting and Internet surfing in public.

Imagine an entire family or group of friends dining out in a restaurant without those smart phones. Person-to-person bonding is on its way back, thanks to Padilla!


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