Angat Buhay Foundation To Launch Its Own Online Shopping Platform!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Social media is abuzz with calls to boycott the popular online shopping portal Shopee after it was announced that Marcos supporter Toni Gonzaga is its new celebrity endorser.

Many netizens have said that they will switch to the other online shopping platform, Lazada, to get back at Shopee for its decision.

But wait. There is speculation that Lazada will soon announce its own celebrity endorser — Andrew E. who is also a known supporter of the President.

So, what gives? Where will the 15 million or so supporters of ex-Vice President Leni Robredo go for their online shopping?

Yesterday, Robredo’s Angat Buhay Foundation (Angat Pinas, Inc.) announced that it will soon launch its own online shopping portal.

But how will Angat Buhay’s portal be different from that of Shopee and Lazada?

Given that Angat Buhay’s supporters and donors are mostly volunteers, its online shopping platform will operate as an ukay-ukay, and will sell only used clothing and other donated items.

Another unique feature of AB’s platform is that it will only accept payments via Palawan Express. Visa, Mastercard, bank debit cards and GCash will not be honored.

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