No National ID, No Ayuda!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – A proposed bill in the Philippine House of Representatives will provide a P2,000 ayuda (stimulus) to ALL Filipinos to help stimulate the economy as the country recovers from the ill effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there’s a catch.

Only Filipinos who can show the new National ID will be entitled to the cash gift.

While millions of Filipinos have applied for the National ID, few have actually received the actual document. Netizens have complained that it’s been more than six months to a year since they completed their National ID requirements, but are still waiting, and waiting and waiting.

Some netizens we talked to are thinking of going to Recto Avenue to have a fake ID printed just to make sure they do not miss out on the P2,000 cash assistance.

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