Facebook Launches The Maria Ressa Medallion!

MENLO PARK, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – Move over smiley face, thumbs up , sad and angry emoticons. Here comes the Maria Ressa Medallion!

Facebook today announced that it has begun to roll out the medallion as a way of honoring one of its fact checkers in the Philippines, and Nobel Prize Laureate to boot.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The Adobo Chronicles that netizens who have been or will be blocked by Ressa can now display the specially-designed medallion. He said it will be a fitting testimony for the honor that Ressa bestows on those who disagree with, or criticize her.

So, save this medallion and display it on your Facebook page if Maria Ressa happens to have blocked you. Or when she does in the near future!

One thought on “Facebook Launches The Maria Ressa Medallion!”

  1. common, I am filipino but we condemmed her….Her tounge and hand should be cut, her eyes should be removed. What should be left is her ears to listen to what the people want.Not her own principles.Shes a disgraced to the Filipino people.Jail suit her.


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