Netizens Tag SMNI News!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – ABS-CBN is known as Kapamilya; GMA News is Kapuso; TV 5 is Kaibigan.

The Adobo Chronicles wanted to choose an appropriate tag for the SMNI News Channel which we predict to be the No. 1 TV station during the next 6 years of the Marcos-Duterte Administration where truth matters. So we asked our readers and followers to suggest a tag for the Pastor Quiboloy network.

We received many great suggestions, all worthy of the SMNI tag. Among them, we chose what we think was the most appropriate of all: KADIWA.

Why did we choose Kadiwa?

It represents the true spirit under which Filipinos unite.

During the campaign, President-elect Bongbong Marcos kept on proclaiming a line from the song ”Ako Ay Pilipino.” ”Taas noo kahit kanino.”

But part of the song’s lyrics also talks about ”isang bansa, isang diwa” which we think reflects the one nation, one spirit mantra of the UniTeam.

It also happens that ”Kadiwa” is the name of one of the people-centered projects of Bongbong’s father — the rolling stores that brought affordable food supply direct to Filipino consumers.

Lastly, ”Kadiwa” has a nice ring to it. And did we already say nationalistic?

But of course, the final decision to adopt this tag remains with Pastor Quiboloy and the SMNI team.

Nagbabakasakali lang po.

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