Tricia Robredo Wades In Fish Pond To Campaign For Her Mom

KITAOTAO, Bukidnon (The Adobo Chronicles, Bukidnon Bureau) – The daughters of Vice President Leni Robredo will do anything to help their mom become the next President of the Philippines.

The Vice Presidential daughters — who are all girls — have barnstormed every corner of the 1,700-island Philippine archipelago in pursuit the elusive votes.

In Baguio City, Jillian Robredo shopped for fresh strawberries at the Public Market while engaging in small talk for vendors and customers alike.

Now, Tricia Robredo was seen wading in well-landscaped fish pond in Bukidnon for a much-need photo opportunity under the guise of reaching out to the Lumads in isolated communities.

You have to give it to the girls. They’d walk a mile for their nanay.

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